Cocoon collection

loungewear in elegance

" I wanted to create a collection of everyday wear, as comfortable as loungewear but with an elegant and versatile twist. I chose cocoon fabrics sourced in France with colours which can be customized for each woman who wears it. A unifying collection of sustainable wear which is both seasonless and timeless, celebrating every body type and age". -prf

Handmade in Paris with the help of Julie Debarnot, each piece is naturally hand dyed by me in my studio in the 9th arrondissement, using the finest spices, coffees and flowers from around the globe. 

Photos by -prf

My many grateful thanks to

Shade Affogbolo 

Nacera Zaidi & Caroline Torlois who modelled my inspirations,

Shehan Hanwellage for his backstage & artistic shots and companionship.

MUA by Camille

Cocoon wool

Handyed wool with spices


Thoughtful matters

introducing bamboo & dream shades

handmade in Paris