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a tale of threads,


This is the story of softness of fabrics naturally dyed with spices, teas or coffees. Closeness to objects created just for you, personalized to your name, crafted with a spirit you can carry with you.

One thoughtful project of threads & textures ; of comfort & remembrance too. Pieces of trust & pieces of vibrance. Every detail, up to the last tag is cherished under an ethical eye, a passion of respect.


It becomes your pieces, and your stories to write and live and grow...


Sencha & Bourbon is a story born in San Francisco 2012 and carried back to Paris

to its own cocoon in the 9th arrondissement called

La Manufacture Onirique


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Colours - Natural dyes Maté, Japanese matcha and Chinese pu-erh teas, Tunisia curcuma, African coffee, roucou from Guadeloupe, the turquoise from crushed Moroccan seashells, Indian henna, Russian indigo, French and Argentinian wines, French sage to add the softest of touches and hibiscus flower from Bénin or the Dominican Republic. 

The list gets longer and longer thanks to the insatiable curiosity fed by travels and chance encounters.

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